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    Mrs. Liz Dyke wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Mrs. Evelyn Frith wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Mr. Wilf Hashimi wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Miss. Imaan Husain wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Mr. Jeff Baynham wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Miss. Emily Green wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Mr. Michael Smith wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Mr. Matthew Garrett wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Mrs. Fiona Quilter-wood wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Mr. Joe Riches wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

  • Mr. Chris Henry
    "With Local Theatre So Much At Risk Throughout The Country, Allocating Space For A Community Theatre In Beaconsfield Would Truly Show Support For The Local Community."
  • Mrs. Liz Dyke
    "Community Theatres Are A Great Way For Young People To Develop Their Skills - Socially And Culturally. They Help To Raise Self Esteem And Can Provide A Diverse Friendship Network. They Are Great Fun And Empowering And Have The Potential To Bring A Community Together."
  • Ms. Lucy Kelley-patterson
    "A Designated Theatre Space Within Beaconsfield Would Be A Rewarding Feature For The Whole Community And Would Finally Ensure That The Many Drama Groups Would Have A Befitting Performance Platform. Allowing Art To Inspire The Residents Would Inject Colour And Culture In To Our Town."
  • Mr Graham Southgate
    "What A Great Idea - Good Luck"
  • Mr. James Lipscombe
    "Although I Haven't Lived In Beaconsfield For 20 Years, I Would Love To See Its Fabulous Theatrical Community Have A Focal Point And A Performing Space Befitting Such High Quality Acts As The Young Theatre And Btg! "
  • Mr. Garth Minikin
    "Existing Facilities For Local Theatre Productions Are Far From Ideal, So The Possibility Of Developing A Purpose-built Venue Could Further Stimulate Participation In And Enjoyment Of Amateur Performance In Beaconsfield. "
  • Miss. Carys Vaughan-smith
    "I Have Been In Two Shows For Bos At The Curzon Centre And I Realise How Wonderful It Would Be To Appear In A Proper Theatre Which Is What Beaconsfield Deserves"
  • Miss. Fiona Macartney
    "Used To Live In The Beaconsfield Area And Still Visit A Lot. I Know How Fantastic Local Theatre Is In Rugby For Having Its Own Theatre So Know How Much Beaconsfield And Area Could Benefit. "

Important News - Feedback deadline - 28th February 5pm

South Bucks District Council is currently seeking community consultation on its high level plans that the council and Inland Homes have drawn up. These (pre pre planning permission) plans will define what should be provided as part of the Wilton Park redevelopment. 350 homes will have a huge impact on Beaconsfield - in terms of traffic, schools, health provision to name just a few items.

We have a chance to influence what community facilities are available in Beaconsfield. Of course we want a dedicated arts facility - but this is the perfect opportunity for Beaconsfield to define and realise its required community resources that the town deserve.

In particular, the proposed community hub is badly defined and most likely not provide what Beaconsfield needs - but rather be just another community hall in Beaconsfield.

To have your say - go to SBDC Wilton Park Development Brief to view SBDC and Inland Homes' proposals. There is a feed back form that the council is proposing that you use. The form can be accessed here: SBDC FeedBack Form. Deadline for feedback is Friday 28th February at 5pm. That is this coming Friday.

Our Aim

To build an independent community theatre and Arts Centre in Beaconsfield.


The redevelopment of Wilton Park in the next few years presents an unique opportunity for the theatre groups in Beaconsfield to realise a 100+ year dream of creating an intimate community theatrical space.

What we want

We are not asking the council or the developers to build us a theatre (although that would be nice) - we don't believe that will ever happen.

What we do want is for the council and developers to set aside a parcel of land within the site to allow the community to build their own Arts Centre, with theatre as the heart and soul of the Art Centre development.

How You Can Help

We firstly need to persuade the council to require the allocation of the land. Please sign this online petition and like us on Facebook.

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