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    Miss. Sharon Pidgeon wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Miss. Molly Trillow wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Mrs. Lucinda Crowther wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Mrs. Sarah Franklin wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Miss. Xye Appleton wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Mrs. Marianne Deards wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

Beaconsfield Operatic Society

Beaconsfield Operatic Society was founded in 1910 and is now in its 103rd year, having performed in various venues in and around Beaconsfield. These have included The Burnham Hall (which used to be located in the vicinity of Malt House Square), Burkes Hall (located where Penncroft car park is situated), the school halls at The Beaconsfield School and Beaconsfield High School and also The Chiltern Theatre (now Prezzos).

For many years, around the 1960s and early 1970s, the theatre at Wilton Park was considered home, but was no longer allowed to use the site following the escalation of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, effectively making BOS homeless. Fortunately at the time, the new Curzon Centre was being developed in Maxwell Road and allowed the society to relocate its performances there and call it home.

BOS was for many years a Gilbert and Sullivan society, however in the last 15 or so years has produced a more modern mix of operettas, musicals and cabaret styled compilation musical shows.

BOS generally produces two productions a year, in March and October. BOS is a registered Charity.
Rehearsals BOS used to use the United Reform Church in Old Beaconsfield on a Monday and Thursday night, however parking in Old Beaconsfield is now so bad that they have now relocated all their rehearsals to The Curzon Centre.

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