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    Mr. Laurence Markham wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Mrs. Zoe Wheeler wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

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    Miss. Suzanne Keys wants a community theatre in Beaconsfield.

Who Will Run It

Once the council has agreed to the allocation of a parcel of land to become the permanent home of the Arts Centre, a management trust will be formed.

The trust will be managed by a board consisting of either one or two representatives from each of the four resident groups.

In addition, three or four independent trustees will also be asked to join the board. The balance of the trust board will be designed to not only protect the future of the venue but also to ensure that the interests of the resident groups are represented whilst a balanced approach to decision making is undertaken.

An independent chairman will oversee the trust, with an honorary accountant to ensure that the ongoing financial stability of the venue is protected.

The primary aim of the trust will be to achieve the aim of an independent Arts Centre in Beaconsfield.

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